20 Essential London iPhone Apps

There are bucket loads of iphone apps out there some useful some funny and some pretty crap so instead of trawling through all of them I have painstakingly but together this list of 20 London related apps which will help save you some time, money and give you some ideas for things to see and visit in London….enjoy

1. Lonely Planet

Although a little pricey this guide comes with the reassurance of a larger brand. Offering content as good as their written guides with additional functionality including location based views which guide to what to do nearby. Also the app has a large library of images which help you to pick out what to see next.

2. Spoonfed

Spoonfed are a very high quality website and rescore which covers most aspects of London life. The app is location aware providing you have an up to date iphone, so you can browse what’s close to you and get loads of ideas of where to eat, what to see and how to get there.

3. National Gallery

An interesting take on the traditional audio guide when you are at galleries and art exhibitions this free apps lets you browse the massive catalogue of work at the National Gallery. It works either when at home looking for some culture, as a tool to remember artists names and works or even as an accompaniment in the gallery itself.

4. TubeStatus

Tube Status also available as Tube Status Deluxe is another cool app that lets you monitor the current status of the tube. Ok so you can easily check all the details on the TFL site for free but sometimes it just easier to whip out for iphone or touch and see what’s going on underground.

5. Urban Spoon

This is a good one for any indecisive people out there (just like me!) you open the app and it grabs your GPS location then you can lock certain aspects of dining choices or leave them all unlocked.
Basically you shake it like Polaroid picture and everything spins round like a one armed bandit and selects where you should eat, what type of food and price range for you like wheel of fortune!

6. Fizz Weather

Weather is always a good starting point of conversation with Londoners and this app lets you see a two, five and one day forecast of weather in most locations including London. Ok so you can do that on the default weather function but this one is flashier and has some nice graphics!

7. London Travel Guide

A more unusual London travel guide from a company called Cool Gorilla all the pictures maps and videos are stored within the app so you can still browse all the information even when you don’t have internet connection. This one features loads of content including hotels, attractions and historic information.

8. London Audio Guide

As with a lot of London apps this one is a little information overload. Hundreds of locations and attractions are listed for you to scroll through and learn more about through the somewhat lengthy audio guides. I’m not sure where you would use this app when out and about in London. However it is a great app to use to learn more about potential London highlights and decide where you want to head out and see.

9. London Tube

There are a lot of London tube app available because weather and the tube is always a firm conversation point with Londoners. This app helps you to check line status and plan alternative travel routes on the fly. Also helps you not look like a blatant tourist peering at one of those pocket tube guides.

10. London2Go

This one is a little cheap and cheerful and basically is like having all Wikipedia London articles on your pocket. Good as cheat guide for pub quizzes or reference point for when you need to check details or facts. As with a lot of apps this one is also great for killing some time on the tube during your daily commute and will arm you with some useful knowledge to boot.

11. London Map

I’m not a big fan of this one as it basically has all the functionality of Google maps, just a map of London and Greater London which uses GPS to find your location and can be used to search for locations.

12. London City Slicker

This one is quite a useful resource and clearly a lot of work has gone into its production basically an all round interactive London tourist guide which gives you information, audio guides and loads of pictures to for research to plan your trip to London.

13. London Tube 09

Just another tube route planner really which shows the London underground in its actual layout rather than the usual traditional tube map layout. Can be useful for people familiar with the layout of London’s streets and roads through cycling experience, as the traditional tube map is misleading in terms of distance.

14. London Mini A-Z

Good but pricey this A-Z is stored on your device once downloaded so can be handy when you get lost or stuck somewhere without a map and cant connect to Google maps. Basically an app covering 352 pages of the London A-Z atlas which you can search browse and pin point your location on.

15. London Free

If you are tight like me then this one is great and once you start using it you will find it hard to live without! Basically a rubbish interface but loads of useful and brilliant information that lists hundreds of things to do in London for free, from museums to art galleries. Also has handy opening times details for when you are out and about.

16. London JamCams

An astonishing app which shows you slightly delayed pictures and feeds from 179 traffic cameras which are part of the TFL (transport for London) network. You can search through the cameras make slideshows of favourites spots and check specific areas that you know are usually a hassle.
This one is great for commuters for want to take line status and traffic updates one step further and could help you avoid trouble spots with a greatest hits of traffic cameras, which make up your route home on car or bike!

17. Nearest Tube Station

This one needs the latest version of most software but once you see it in action you will see why it’s pretty sick and a little worrying. You whip out your chosen device and start the app. It will grab your location via GPS and use the compass to show you the nearest tube stations and how far away they are. I would imagine this one is incredibly useful when drunk but you should be careful when flashing your iphone about!

18. Nearu (lastminute.com)

This is a great app that uses the compass to show you bars, clubs and restaurants based on your location. You just need to hold up your iphone and follow the points shown on the compass to find whatever you are looking for. As the application is made by lastminute.com it heavily focuses upon their promotions and offers but they are pretty good so that doesn’t matter too much!

19. Trusted Places

Trusted Place is a great website full of honest reviews and tips from real people. The iphone app makes the most of these thousands of reviews and lets you search through them all email to your mates, map you directions there and even add your own reviews after you have visited them.

20. London Offers and Vouchers

I love vouchers and offers especially in the current economic climate so this app is right up my street all you doing is load it up and then scroll through all the restaurant offers and deals in your local area. Great for when you are out and about looking for somewhere cheap to grab some food or drinks!

So that’s the lot really if there any London based iphone apps that you can’t live without that aren’t on this list let me know via email and I will give them a review! All of these apps can be downloaded from the Apple Apps store through itunes


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