Burrito Bros

Burrito Bros is yet another Mexican burrito stand/restaurant in central London, I stumbled upon this place after cycling past on the way to work pretty much every morning. I had been waiting for an opportunity to try the place out and recently I was at a work training session in the local area and dropped in with some work colleagues to check out the wrapped offerings.

The burritos were like a lot of other establishments in London, similar to a brick in size and weight, stuffed full of meaty goodness and a bit of a hassle to eat due to a rapidly declining structural integrity!

Over all the food was good and spicy enough, but the nachos were a lack luster affair of generic melted cheese and tepid salsa. The outdoor area was also quite small but catches the sun well at lunch time so worked out pretty well. There also seemed to be a good selection of drinks available behind the bars and the staff were all pretty chatty and pleasant (which is sometimes rare in London).

Situated close to Farringdon station and Smithfield Market this is an ideal stop off for city workers in the local area or people grabbing a quick bit to eat on the way back from work, they also do burrito delivery which could be a genius marketing stroke if they target all those x-box live players in London with the munchies!

So in a quick wrap up good value burritos which are similar to other burrito places in London quite tasty and a reasonable amount of spiceā€¦

17 Clerkenwell Road
Clerkenwell, London EC1M 5RD
020 7336 0679

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